Company Introduction

PDO is based in Tyrol and New York and consults industrial companies on the implementation and execution of tradeshow appearances, corporate events and event management.

Our team of experienced project managers,
creative developers and designers is specialized
in innovations in the field of events, 3-D modeling, visualization, programming and event consulting.


Our offered core competencies and services:

Trade show exhibitions, corporate events and event management. Numerous successful projects, both nationally and especially internationally, make us an experienced global player in the event area.

We offer you strategy, brainstorming and advice, but also implementation and execution at the highest level!


The “RoadShow” is an organized tour through one or more countries / sales regions. Involved are representatives, product managers and experts from your company as well as professional event managers and AV technicians from PD&O.

Tour stops can be congress hotels or fancy event locations. The aim is to present your existing customers and potential new customers updates and news around your products & services.

Customers have the opportunity to meet engineers and product managers directly. They can ask questions straight to them, share experiences or suggestions for improvements.

Example: Innio Jenbacher Roadshow

In collaboration with PD&O, Innio Jenbacher
decided to make a roadshow through Germany. Four different regions were visited in one week. The same event every day but in different locations and with different customers who are very well chosen.

To inform potential attendees about the RoadShow and the program, invitations were sent out by email and personally from sales staff.

Example: Innio Jenbacher Roadshow

The registrations were then collected on a website specially programmed by us and each event has been specially prepared.

In addition to the concept, PD&O helped to carry out the entire event.

Example: Innio Jenbacher Roadshow

Here are some things we

  • Scouting of event locations
  • Own registration website
  • Digital and printed invitations
  • The event location was equipped with state of the art technology (LED-walls, Transparent OLED screen, sound system and presentation setup)
  • Branded environment and branding material (Pop-up banners, brochure racks, posters and flyers)

Our design team of course helps you to customize and optimize your content for the whole RoadShow.


From our experience, a well-executed RoadShow adds value for both, your clients and your company.

Customers appreciate the direct contact with the product experts as well as first-hand information about your products and services.

Your company benefits from direct feedback and presents itself as very customer-oriented, which the participants appreciated very much. The event also significantly increases your brand awareness, especially among your target group.


For INNIO Jenbacher the RoadShow has been a great success. Approximately 30 clients attended each event and have been informed about new products and services.

The overall feedback was very positive and many mentioned that INNIO Jenbacher is much more customer oriented than their competitors.

The RoadShow was also a great financial success for INNIO Jenbacher. They reported that the event’s ROI was exceptionally high and they are very pleased with the outcomes. The company benefited financially and also increased its brand image and awareness.


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